Awaken The Jedi

Unplug from the matrix of limitation and awaken the Jedi within through self-actualization, self-realization and self-mastery to your true multidimensional Self and to the fact that we are much more than just human beings - we are energetic beings with limitless potential. We have been programmed since birth to believe that we are something else more limited, but when we learn how to live outside of this thought matrix and work with the true Power within, amazing things will happen.

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Jedi Preparation Phase One

Jedi Preparation consists of clearing hundreds of various types of energetic distortions such as the 7 Jehovian Annunaki Seals (J-Seals), unnatural seals, implants, etheric devices, alien machinery, galactic race memory and lineages, trauma memories, auric & karmic attachments, imprints and other energies, negative and unhealthy energetic and ancestral cords, and a full core star activation (chakra & kundalini merge).

Jedi Activation Phase Two

After clearing hundreds of various types of energetic distortions during Jedi Preparation, we will activate your 12 strand DNA template Divine seed blueprint and activate your 144,000 golden strands found within the 12 strand DNA template.

Jedi Light Training Phase Three

After clearing hundreds of various types of energetic distortions during Jedi Preparation and activating your 12 strand DNA template Divine seed blueprint and your 144,000 golden strands in Jedi Activation, you will go through the Lightarian Ray & Lightarian Clearing Programs and experience deeper and deeper healings that cut through past life issues, birth patterns, adverse belief system programming and much more. You will learn how to work with and master the Light.

Jedi Mastery Click for more Master/Teacher level

If you are called to Jedi Mastery training and are interested in dramatically expanding into the Golden Liquid Realm & Atlantis energies, you will recieve the previous three systems with the intention and initiations to Master Facilitator or Teacher level. With these energies you will be enabled to clear and remove many hundreds of energetic distortions, activate original Divine blueprint DNA strands, extract from the matrix, perform core star activations (chakra & kundalini merges) and much more for clients and/or students. These are very high vibrational energies that you will be integrating and will recieve all of the kits and guides you will need to facilitate the Jedi Light Training system for clients or students, respectively.

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