Free Your Mind

Your infinite LOVE is the key to awakening your full Self. You are here to remember who you are and embody the true sense of your Self.

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Clearing & Healing

Using powerful modalities such as Reiki, self-empowerment, intuitive healing, energy healing, shamanic healing, biofield and sound healing, we can focus on pain relief, injuries, emotional release, and energy blockages in your body and subtle bodies.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Using a combination of mindfulness and meditation techniques - we will balance your chakras, release attachments & negativity, and open your heart center to allow more love & light to enter while learning valuable skills that you can take into daily life.

Sacred Journeys

Through a powerful sacred journey, we will experience unity consciousness as we dive deeply into your etheric self to remove old and past life patterns and heal soul and life traumas as well as expand and bring unity to your consciousness in profound ways.

Lightarian Training

Learn about the use of etheric Light energies for the purpose of expanding your awareness and enhancing your spiritual evolution, especially regarding self-empowerment, clearing, healing activation and manifestation.


About Joel

As a trained and certified energy healer and Reiki Master, Joel works with several tools such as Reiki, Pranic healing, distance healing, and intuitive healing. He also enjoys facilitating gatherings and private healing sessions. As a long time student and trained mindfulness and meditation practicioner, he enjoys helping kiddos and adults learn how to apply these invaluable skills to their daily life for their own benefits.

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If you can benefit from energy medicine, sound healing, mindfulness & meditation, mysticism, metaphysics, clearing, healing, activating, or sacred space - you may reach out below.