Free Your Mind

Your infinite LOVE is the key to awakening your multidimensional Self. You are here to remember who you are and create the optimal version of yourself through self-empowerment and self-healing of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic Self. Breaking free of the false light matrix - you will be able to activate and manifest your infinite power.

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Activation Programs

Lightarian Training

Learn about the use of etheric Light energies for the purpose of expanding your awareness and enhancing your spiritual evolution, especially regarding self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation and manifestation.

Divine Self Activation

Through dedication, faith, and self realization, you will heal and activate to restore your original Divine blueprint to its highest frequency holding potential which in turn expands your consciousness to it’s fullest ability.

Jedi Awakening

Awaken the Jedi within through self-actualization, self-realization and self-mastery to your multidimensional Self and the fact that we are much more than just human beings - we are energetic beings with limitless potential.

Healing Services

Energy Medicine

Using powerful modalities such as Reiki, self-empowerment activation, intuitive healing, energy healing, shamanic healing, biofield and sound healing, we will focus on pain relief, injuries, emotional release, and energy blockages in your body and energy system.

Mindfulness & Meditation

Using a combination of mindfulness and meditation techniques - we will balance your chakras, release attachments & negativity, and open your heart center to allow more love & light to enter while learning valuable skills that you can take into daily life.

Sacred Journeys

Through a powerful sacred journey, we will experience unity consciousness as we dive deeply into your etheric self to remove old and past life patterns and heal soul and life traumas as well as expand and bring unity to your consciousness in profound ways.


The Mission

My mission is to lead by example and to inspire you to create the optimal version of Your Self through self-empowerment, clearing, healing, activation, and manifestation of your truest physical, emotional, & spiritual Self - and by doing so - inspiring others to do the same on their own behalf.

Tapping Into Core Power

My efforts revolve around empowering you to embark on your Self work and to take your life to the next level. Through activating our own core power, our inherent nature is to help others find their healing, happiness and creativity. This, I believe, is our ultimate human potential to ascend into pure Love and to manifest our dreams.

Unlock Your Mastery

I want you to be part of the positive movement in expanding consciousness – the one that removes traditional hurdles and replaces them with colorful trampolines where your gifts spill over. Quite simply, I want to help you liberate yourself from the limitations that keep your gifts unopened and unshared with the world.


About Me

As a trained and certified energy healer and Reiki Master, I work with several energy medicines & modalities such as Reiki, Shamanic healing, Pranic healing, distance healing, and intuitive healing. I also facilitate sacred healing ceremonies and 1:1 unity consciousness and healing sessions. As a long time student and trained mindfulness and meditation practicioner, I help teach kiddos and adults to apply these invaluable skills to their daily life for astounding benefits. Like with this one, my omazing daughter.

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I take no titles out of the deepest respect, but I specialize in several areas of human expansion & activation. The mission with Think For Yourself has always been clear... to help you Free Your Mind and realize your ultimate I AM presence and power that is within. We can do this through coaching or journeying in a number of ways, from workshops to sacred ceremony for groups to private 1:1 or group sessions.

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Life is a circle ever widening into the infinte. Over my lifetime I've focused on writing, design, technology, media, fund raising, entrepreneurship, art & creativity, spiritual philanthropy, energy work and healing, shamanism, ascension, studying the wisdom traditions, coaching & mentoring, philosophy, psychology, alchemy, and of course traveling - most adventurous being full time with my beautiful family. Life has provided an abundance of learning opportunities in which to master my Self, which has been my most diligent and continued quest.

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Get in Touch

If you can benefit from energy medicine, light work, sound healing, mindfulness & meditation, mysticism, metaphysics, clearing, healing, activating, sacred ceremony or just need someone to hold space - reach out and start a conversation. If you are interested in a specific program please see that program's page for more details. You can also signup here to be notified of upcoming workshops and sacred ceremonies.